UNDRI Tar-remover

An environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning product for removing tar and oil-based blemishes.

Use Undri Tar Remover to remove tar, grime, salt and other blemishes from cars, machinery and other equipment. It does not spoil paint or metal fittings.

It cleans car bodywork and other parts quickly and leaves a wax film which helps to protect paintwork.

Although Undri Tar Remover has natural active constituents it can irritate skin after prolonged contact. Always wash your hands thoroughly after use.

Undri Tar Remover is a three-in-one product containing:
   -substances to dissolve tar and asphalt
   -deep-cleansing detergents
   -protective wax

UNDRI Tar Remover has the following properties:

Decomposes quickly and naturally
Biodegradable according to OECD 301B
Natural active constituents
No complex, harmful chemical agents
Leaves a protective wax film
Developed at IceTec with a grant from the Icelandic Research Council
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Please not that the ingredients may separate in temperatures higher than 24°C. Shake well before use.


soy ester, water, Alcohol ethoxylate, Propanol