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Our experience of the paintbrush detergent is very good. You can remove most all paint types from your paintbrush even though the paint is dry. Paint can be removed from clothes and it is a terrific detergent on tiles, sinks, bathtubs and many other things. Versatile detergent that belongs in every home. Last but not least the paintbrush detergent is environmental wich is an important quality today.

Gardar store manager at Litaland


Gardar says that he has been recommending UNDRI paintbrush cleaner to his clients since it was introduced to the market in 1998 and that he knows of no other product on the market that delivers the same results as UNDRI in cleaning oil based paint from paintbrushes and painting equipment. „UNDRI is simply the best cleaning product for people who used oil based paints. You can clean your brush and other equipment with UNDRI and even get the oil paints out of your clothes if you happen to spill some on you,“ says Gardar. You can click here to view Gardars article.

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