UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner - Other types of usage

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You can use the Paintbrush Cleaner for other things too.

Removal of Oil-based Paint from Clothing

UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner has proven to be efficient in cleaning garments stained by oil-based paint.

Apply the cleaner evenly on the stained area and leave it there for a minimum of one hour. Then wash the garments as specified on their label. Keep in mind that the clothing must be colourfast.

For the Barbecue

Greasy substances and soot remaining in the barbecue are easily removed with the cleaner.

Remove the ashes from the barbecue and apply the cleaner evenly on the area needing to be cleaned. Leave the liquid on the surface for 5-10 minutes. Then scrub the surface and wash the cleaner off with lukewarm water. Soaking the grids in a mixture of water and cleaner in equal proportions is recommended.

Cooker, Ventilation Fan and Tiles

Grease and other types of grime often accumulate around cooking facilities and UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner comes in handy during the cleaning process. The ingredients in the cleaner are strong; therefore it is not recommended for use on varnished surfaces, such as wooden cabinets.

Apply the cleaner evenly on the area to be cleaned and let it remain for five minutes. Then scrub it and wash the cleaner off with lukewarm water.

Candle Wax

Candle wax in tablecloths can easily be removed with UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner. Keep in mind that the tablecloth must be colourfast.

Mix water and the cleaner in equal proportions. Soak the tablecloth in the mixture for about one hour. Then wash the tablecloth for a minimum of one hour in the usual way.

Bathroom, Bathtub and Tiles

Oil from skin creates a dull or brown film covering bathtubs, showers and tiles. UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner removes this oily film easily.

Leave the cleaner on the surface for a few minutes and then, after scrubbing, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Woollen Fabrics

Woollen fabrics can be washed with UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner, which both softens and cleans the wool.

Soak the woollen garment in a mixture of 20 parts of water to 1 part of cleaner, and then leave it to take effect. If the garments are very dirty, the amount of cleaner can be increased.


UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner is excellent for cleaning ovens, thereby avoiding use of polluting products.

Apply the cleaner evenly in the oven and leave overnight. Finally, clean the oven with steel wool and/or a scouring pad.

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