UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner

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An environmentally friendly, biodegradable product for cleaning painting tools.

UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner removes oil-based paint from brushes and other painting utensils.

This cleaner can also be used effectively to remove oily substances, grease, tar, unhardened adhesive sealant and other substances. Use UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner to wash woollen fabrics, carpets and garments stained by oil paint, chewing gum, wax or resin.

Save money while you reduce environmental impact – use the same UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner repeatedly until it is saturated with paint. The cleaner does not evaporate so you can leave it open for weeks, ready for the next reuse.

UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner rejuvenates paintbrushes stiffened by oil-based paints.

UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner - features

Easier and quicker way to clean paintbrushes.
No need to rinse repeatedly.
No evaporation and therefore:
Lasts five-to-ten times longer.
Reuse many times.
Brushes keep their shape.
Rejuvenate hardened brushes.
Yes, it's true. If you leave the brush in the liquid for about 48 hours, the brush becomes reusable and soft again.
Environmentally friendly:
Carries the Nordic Environmental Label (The Swan).
Biodegrades naturally and fast according to OECD 301B.
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  • Pour enough UNDRI Paintbrush Cleaner into a container to saturate the paintbrush.
  • Make sure the cleaner penetrates well into the bristles.
  • Rinse with water.
  • To rejuvenate hardened brushes, let them soak for one or two days then rinse thoroughly.


soy ester, water, Alcohol ethoxylate, Propanol.