UNDRI semifluid detergent

UNDRI Semifluid Detergent is a powerful, high-lather product that has been developed for use by the food industry in semifluid pumps and canisters. It can also be used diluted for other purposes.

Powerful semifluid detergent

UNDRI Semifluid Detergent does not cause precipitation in aluminium or corrosion in steel and it does not take the gloss off paint.

It dissolves fat and proteins effectively.

UNDRI Semifluid Detergent can be used to clean machinery, walls, floors and other surfaces. It is especially effective for cleaning machinery which may not be cleaned with regular detergents

UNDRI Semifluid Detergent is non-alkaline and has a pH level of 7.7. It can be diluted with water for use on any surface that may be wetted. It is biodegradable and has a minimal effect on the ecosystem. It does not emit irritant vapours and is therefore non-allergenic.

Environmentally friendly cleaner
Decomposes naturally
Biodegradable according to OECD 301B
Contains no solvents and emits no harmful vapours
Contains no harmful or polluting toxic agents
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  • Spray the detergent on the surface with semifluid pump or semifluid canister.
  • Let it work for 15-20 min.
  • Brush stubborn dirt and rinse with warm water.


Heavily soiled
1:20 (5%)=0.5 L in 10 L af water.
Soiled or greasy
1:35 (3%)=0.3 L in 10 L af water.
Normal cleaning
1:50 (2%)=0.2 L in 10 L af water.


soy ester, water, Alcohol ethoxylate, Propanol, (Fractionated coco) Dimethylamine.